New Year, New Gear

As we enter into the New Year it's temping to think summer is just around the corner, but let's face it, we still haven plenty of time to enjoy our winter furry friend - the blanket.

Fresh & Clean

Tidy house, tidy mind - isn't that what they say?

Let us help you keep both spotless with our selection of British made household goods.

Tones of Endearment

Introducing the satisfyingly calm tones of Georgie Scully. Her ultra-fine, minimal ceramics are hand made in her South East London studio.

Shop Georgie Scully
Life of Pie

That chill in the air is like a shortcrust pastry calling card.

Ensure your equipment is up to the job this Autumn with our selection of robust enamelware from Falcon.

"Uplifting small businesses has never felt so good, there’s a reassuring sustainable depth to everything"

“Supporting local business is incredibly important, it’s a labour of love. I wanted to do something more personal and heartfelt”