CROUCHERS x Isle of Wight County Press

CROUCHERS x Isle of Wight County Press
The Isle of Wight County Press is an Island institution. It was founded in 1884 and like so many regional newspapers, it is often the backbone of the local area. It's released every Friday and is a big part of the Islanders Friday ritual. I have warm memories as a kid, seeing this gigantic broad-sheet paper unfolded on the dining room table, often at the used car sales ads for my car obsessed Brother and Dad. 
So it was amazing to get the Isle of Wight County Press seal-of approval the other week with a lovely write up about Crouchers mk II. It was quite surreal seeing a photo of my Grandad, front and centre in a paper he used to read, as did his Dad, my great-grandad, the original founder of Crouchers. 
Thank you Isle of Wight County Press.

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