Looking back to shape the future

Looking back to shape the future
This is my grandad, Raymond, stood in the doorway of the original shop. He was surgically attached to his tobacco coloured shopkeeper jacket.
Crouchers was my great-grandads shop which he opened in 1910 on the Isle of Wight. It was called CROUCHERS, as shockingly, that was his surname.

It was a general store, bakehouse and post-office and served as a hub for the Island community. A breeding ground for gossip basically.

It was passed down to his son Raymond (my grandad) back in the 50s, but sadly when my grandad died in the 80s, as did the shop.

The shop was central to my upbringing. My Brother and I had our own dedicated little corner from which we used to serve the old dears Lux Soap and fizzy drinks.
I loved it in there.

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