Handmade Candle Holder

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This fine bone china candle holder has a deep saucer surrounding it, perfect for collecting dripping wax but also storing matches. Handmade with a clear glaze bringing out the crisp white of the china and emphasising the dimpled surface. Finished off with the signature cobalt blue hand-painted top edge and makes for an excellent gift. 


  • Handmade in Stoke on Trent
  • Handle hand-painted in Devon
  • Fine Bone China
  • Size: Height 6cm / Dia 14cm
  • Colour: Cobalt

Brand Bio

Feldspar began in late 2016 after Jeremy and Cath Brown moved from London to the wilds of Dartmoor in Devon for a slower pace of life. Their ethos was to create ‘objects for life’ - beautiful things made properly and to last, with an elegant and simple aesthetic. The team make everything using a method called 'slip casting' - pouring liquid clay into plaster moulds. Mould making, slip-casting and industrial bone china production are all listed as critically endangered crafts by the Heritage Crafts Association in the UK. They take pride in demonstrating that it's perfectly possible to make things from start to finish in the UK. 

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